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15 Tips to Build Self Esteem and Confidence in Teens By Nicole Schwarz

As parents, we want our teens to feel confident about who they are. We cross our fingers the encouragement and support we’ve given them up to this point has been enough to build a strong self-esteem.

The reality is the teenage years are full of change.

A teen's brain experiences a “reorganization” that can leave both parents and teens feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and confused.

  1. Love Unconditionally

  2. Embrace a Growth Mindset in Your Home

  3. Make Room for Failure

  4. Praise the Process and Tie it to the Outcome

  5. Help them Gain New and Lacking Skills

  6. Be a Family that Doesn’t Give Up

  7. Give Reassurance

  8. Talk About Assertiveness

  9. Practice at Home

  10. Encourage Self-Compassion

  11. Encourage Diversity in Activities and Interests

  12. Give Less Advice

  13. Ask for Advice

  14. Listen

  15. Model Confidence

Your teen’s true confidence is reflected in their mindset, their readiness to grow and learn from the challenges they encounter. Unfortunately, this may take time.

You can’t force your child to embrace a growth mindset, practice positive affirmations, or try challenging activities, but you can create a home environment that nourishes and encourages these behaviors.

With your support, your teen can build self-worth and confidence which matches the images she’s sharing on social media.

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