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About Us

The Youth Empowerment Services of Jacksonville, Inc. (YES JAX) was founded in 2011 on the premise to recognize the need to support and nurture the spiritual, social, educational, and recreational aspects important to youth.  YES JAX is a community outreach and prevention services program dedicated to faith in Christ, academic, social, and moral development.


To transform communities by developing youths, teens and young adults into successful and responsible adults.


Youth Empowerment Services of Jacksonville, Inc. provides structured programming and educational activities to individuals centered on character development and assists children and families in locating resources for beneficial utilization.  Additionally, YES JAX encourages spiritual development and self-determination; thus, the organization makes it a goal to involve individuals in settings that develop and refine their spiritual, leadership, social, educational, and moral skills. Ultimately, YES JAX strives to assist all participants in reaching their goals and realize their fullest potential through ethical mentorship, periodical guidance, and spiritual support.

Youth Empowerment Services of Jacksonville, Inc. provides a differing approach to helping individuals reach their fullest capacity.  We use the Christian principles of faith, and combine them with the principles of scholarship, leadership, and service to confront the issues face today.  All of our programs deal with one or more of these principles, and we expect individuals to take certain skills from each activity that will enable them in their decisions and goals, while benefiting them as they develop into successful and responsible people.

Jacksonville’s community is facing challenging times.  However, YES JAX stands as an opportunity to provide guidance and direction as individuals reach for their destiny.  The staff of Youth Empowerment Services of Jacksonville, Inc. (YES JAX) would like to help each person reach their potential, meet their goals, and develop into outstanding citizens.



Core Values

Founded in 2011, Youth Empowerment Services of Jacksonville has become an integral part of the greater CITY community. At YES JAX, we provide unique, life-changing experiences to all of the community’s young minds. We believe in and practice the true act of caring and know how important it is to demonstrate a sincere concern for others. We hold compassion, generosity, and kindness close to our hearts, and go the extra mile to provide our youth with a wide range of opportunities that will allow them to reach their potential.

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  • Over hundreds of youths have received training through YES JAX programs.

  • 100% of the participants increased communication skills oral and written.

  • 85% increased academic grades.

  • 100% entered into college

  • 100% improved their confidence levels and self-esteem, which ultimately improved their behavior.

  • 85% of parents participated in seventy-five percent (75%) of the activities made available to them.

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