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We provide an important asset to the development of today's youth,

and overall community

Since 2010, we have offered youth in the CITY community a wide range of enrichment programs to unleash their potential. We provide them a nurturing environment that allows them to develop the skills they need to become prominent leaders of tomorrow. At Youth Empowerment Services of Jacksonville, we have a wide range of activities and programs that are catered to suit every child’s needs.

Check out our list of programs, and stop by for a visit!

7 -12 years old
Boys on a Mission
7-17 years old
You Glow Girrrl
13-17 years old

Youth Empowerment Services of Jacksonville is an organization where children can maximize their fullest potentials, regardless of their socioeconomic background, while developing into successful and responsible adults. We provide social skills, financial and academic education programs. These programs will give youth the skills and confidence they need to make good impressions, understand how to develop strong leadership skills, and apply good judgment to the challenging situations they face today under peer pressure to online technology. 


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